Friday, April 22, 2005

stainless steel for engineers

stainless steel for engineers

Thanks also to Trent Tube.


Anonymous Steve Jones said...


Congratulations on the launch of this site and for harnessing the learning power of the engineering tips forums.

Just for our information, would you please elaborate upon the aims and objectives of the book.

23 April, 2005  
Blogger Mike McGuire said...

The objective of this book is to provide the first comprehensive handbook on the use of stainless steel since the Peckner and Bernstein's great handbook in 1977. This text will be written at a level which will allow its use as a college textbook, but its primary audience is intended to be the engineer or architect who needs to understand in depth the properties of stainless steel for a particular end use or the processing required for that use.
Soon the detailed outline of the book will be posted on this site so that you can see the topics for which you can make contributions.

23 April, 2005  

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