Thursday, April 21, 2005

stainless steel for engineers

Welcome to our site!
The purpose of this blog is for individuals to submit information which they believe is relevant for the upcoming book, "Stainless Steel for Engineers". This can be either requests for issues to be addressed or for information or references which are suitable for inclusion.
The mate to this site is our forum at We invite you to visit and become a member there to participate in the technical dialogue. The title of the forum at that site is, "Stainless Steel for Engineers". If you wish to request that information be included in the book or if you have information you wish to submit, send it to MFMSTAINLESS@AOL.COM. I will review the material and post it for comment.


Blogger Mike McGuire said...

I wish to thank Allegheny Ludlum for offering their assitance with information for this book.

22 April, 2005  

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